Trump Enters Panic Mode as Investigation Closes In

Donald Trump speaking to press

Trump’s most recent tweetstorm was about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into allegations that the president attempted to obstruct justice. Trump called that investigation a “witch hunt” staged by “some very bad and conflicted people.”

He also dismissed media reports on the Russia story calling them “phony stories” about a “phony collusion” on which his opponents have zero evidence.

Mueller’s Special Investigation Rattles Trump

According to a Washington Post report, Mueller started an investigation to see if Trump tried to obstruct justice when he called the former FBI Director James Comey into his office. It’s said that Trump asked Mueller to drop the probe into his disgraced national security adviser Michael Flynn. Mueller also wants to know if Comey’s firing had anything to do with the way he handled the Flynn investigation.

The Washington Post cited five unnamed sources in the story. Sources say the head of the National Security Agency, Mike Rogers, the director of national intelligence Daniel Coats, and Roger’s former deputy Richard Ledgett were asked to be interviewed by Mueller. The FBI wants to keep the investigation secret, and it is now unclear which other officials have been interviewed.

Comey’s Firing Was a Turning Point

Before this point, the Russia investigation was focused on the tampering with the U.S. election system to help Trump win over Hillary Clinton and the financial links between Trump’s aides and Russia.

Trump said Comey assured him repeatedly that he was not at the center of an investigation. Comey confirmed Trump’s story during testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

However, when Comey was fired, everyone became suspicious that the president tried to influence the FBI’s investigation into Flynn. And this is where Mueller steps in.
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