America Will No Longer Lead: Trump’s Executive Order WILL Inflict Serious Harm

Donald Trump waving

On Tuesday, United States President Donald Trump signed his long-promised executive order on climate. This order is going to cancel every effort done by the Obama administration in the fight against climate change. The president was surrounded by miners and some company executives while he signed the order. Following this decision, the president stated he would bring the coal industry back into the spotlight.

Lots of climate-related changes

During the Tuesday ceremony, President Trump told the Environmental Protection Agency that it could start the legal process of withdrawing and then rewriting Barack Obama’s Clean-Power Plan. This plan will eliminate the construction of new power plants, and even close a huge number of them, which are powered by coal. The plan would have instructed towards the building of new and big solar and wind farms. Trump was adamant that, from now on, the United States is not going to go the same route it went during the previous administration. It seems like Donald Trump is so dangerous that he is turning his denial of climate change into real policies.

He told the miners present at the ceremony that from now on, they are going to go back to work, thanks to his executive order. However, who paid attention to Trump’s presidential campaign should not be surprised at all with the changes he is bringing. He said numerous times that he is not planning on going forward with Obama’s anti-climate change efforts. Trump also said during the campaign that for him, the United States’ energy industry jobs are far more important than the leadership in the international campaign against climate change. So, with this order, the United States is officially stepping down from the leading position in this fight. And climate diplomats have already begun wondering who is going to take its place.

This fight still goes on

For example, the chief French negotiator of the 2015 Paris Agreement, Laurence Tubiana, stated that the fact that the United States officially exited this fight does not mean the end of the world. There are still a lot of countries ready to take the lead and continue the anti-climate change fight. The 2015 Paris agreement is an accord which was signed by almost every country on earth. It committed them to do everything they can to reduce the emissions which are helping with the planet’s heating process.

The Clean Power Plan was designed to cut emissions by about 26 percent, from 2005 and towards 2025. As a result of this new executive order, this will no longer happen. Due to this policy American is no longer the leader protecting the earth from climate change. 

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