Secret Service Report BLASTS Trump’s


According to the Secret Service, Donald Trump’s family lifestyle, unusual situations, and frequent travels are making a big hole in their budget. According to a Tuesday report, the agency requested an additional $60 million for the president’s expenses in the fiscal year of 2018. Almost $27 million of that sum was supposed to be invested in the president’s security at the Trump Tower, in New York. First Lady Melania Trump is currently living there, with their 11-year old son, Baron. They stayed behind to wait for him to finish his school year there. The Secret Service reportedly also needed $33 million for travel costs not only for the president but for the Vice President and other heads of state, who may visit.

Request rejected

However, it seems like the Office of Management and Budget did not accept their request. This is not a good thing. Because of the lack of money, the Secret Service may begin cutting back when it comes to some of their other operations. These operations protect the country from financial crimes, cyber terrorism investigations, and many other important tasks. The same report is also talking about how costly the president’s regular visits to his Mar-a-Lago resort; which he deemed the “Southern White House”. Since his inauguration, he traveled there at least five times, each travel costing about $3 million or even more.

Apart from these huge costs, the Secret Service must know the situation of the First Lady and her son at all times. Giving that they are not living with Donald Trump, they must always be surveilled. This also brings huge costs to the agency. Trump’s older children also require special needs and a special level of protection, in comparison with the children of former presidents.

Trump children have special needs

One example which sparked lots of controversies was Eric Trump’s visit to Uruguay. He flew there in February in order to promote the Trump Organization. That trip reportedly cost about $90,000. This included the expenses for the secret service agents who went with him, to protect and guard him. Many people criticized this move and said that the president’s businesses are still intervening in his presidential ones. Also, that the tax payer should not pay for protection of such travels which are not directly in connection with Trump’s presidency. Apart from this, three of his adult children along with their partners and Trump’s eight grandchildren recently traveled to Aspen, Colorado. This was a spring break vacation which taxpayers also paid for.

The federal budget which Trump released last week also drew lots of criticism. People noticed the higher bills which have probably been raised to provide more money for the presidential family’s expenses. Considering the fact that they are a wealthy family, with the president being present on Forbes’ annual list of billionaires, why are we paying for protections of his adult children. The Trump’s should be billed by the Secret Service for their protection. However, White House press secretary Sean Spicer talked about this situation at a press conference earlier this week. He explained that this is the protocol and each president has traveled. Each president was accompanied by agents wherever he went, so there is nothing unusual about Donald Trump. This is the standard procedure which everybody must respect.

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