The Walking Scared: Trump Fans Worried Trumpcare Could Spark a ‘Zombie Apocalypse’

Trump supporters

Some Trump fans are already regretting voting for Trump. While they fully support him on various issues, they can’t just get on the same page with him when it comes to healthcare.

Trump Supporters are Scared

A group of Trump supporters voices concerns on CNN, saying that a healthcare overhaul, as envisioned by the GOP, would make their life less secure, deprive most of them of basic access to healthcare, and force them to shell out more money out of their pockets.

He promised something better. And what I’ve seen come off the block is NOT better. It’s scary to me,

One supporter said about the Senate version of Trumpcare.

The interview started with Trump fans having mixed feeling about the recent scandals hitting the White House and Trump’s performance on the world stage. Next, Trump voters noted that, under Trump’s presidency, gas prices went down for the first time in eight years.

After a quick fact check, they could have learned that gas prices sank below $3 per gallon more than a couple of years ago. Trump fans also praised their leader for job growth, seemingly forgetting that former President Obama also fared quite well when it comes to unemployment.

A Looming Zombie Apocalypse

However, when the discussion switched to healthcare, the atmosphere suddenly became gloomy. When the CNN host asked them how they felt about the Republican healthcare overhaul plan, Trump voters replied “Scared.”

One of them noted that she has bipolar disorder, so, she needs all the medical help available to keep her functioning normally in society. In a likely scenario, thousands of people with the disorder who would be cut from Medicaid or Medicare will have no more access to their doctors and treatments. “It’s going to be like the zombie apocalypse, really running-through-the-streets crazy,” the panelist said.
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