Trump Fires Comey Over the Same Reason He Once Praised Him For

Donald J. Trump

On Oct. 31, 2016, Trump praised FBI Director James Comey for having “a lot of guts” when he decided to launch a renewed probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for work-related matters. Six months later, Trump fired the FBI chief for the way he “handled” the Clinton investigation. Is Trump having the short-term memory of a goldfish or was he highly hypocritical in his decision to oust Comey?

Trump and the DOJ Sought the Best Reason to Sack Comey

People familiar with the matter revealed Trump and the U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions had been closely working together to build an entire portfolio of reasons to sack Comey a week before his termination.

The official rationale that made it through to the press was that the FBI chief infringed a “textbook” principle for federal agents not to leak their version of a story to the media as if it was a closing argument. According to a joint memo from AG Sessions and Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein, this is exactly what Comey did when he went public with the Clinton probe.

A ‘Suspicious’ Ouster

However, Comey lost his job in the middle of an FBI investigation into Trump camp-Russia collusion. This tiny detail prompted lawmakers to deem the move at least “suspicious.” Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer’s voiced yesterday the question that was on everyone’s mind” “Why now?”

The objections for how Comey mishandled the email probe have been publicly known since Trump’s day one in office. At the time, however, no one brought up Comey’s termination. Earlier this week, however, he was sacked overnight. Schumer and other lawmakers speculate that the investigation Comey was leading might have gotten “too close to home” for Trump.

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