Poll: 6 in 10 Americans Don’t Think Trump Fully Understands His Job Responsibilities

President Donald Trump delivers the inaugural address

According to a recent poll, 58% of Americans don’t think President Trump is fully aware of what his new job implies, while 57% have doubts about him having a clear plan for solving the nation’s problems. Moreover, 80% of Republicans think he has a clear plan and fully understands his new role, while 90% of Democrats don’t think he does.

Surprisingly, 47% of Americans think their new leader cares a lot or to some extent about their problems, while more than a half (52%) don’t think he cares.

Americans are also concerned that President Trump doesn’t have the skills to tackle an international crisis. Sixty-two percent of respondents said they have doubts the billionaire would properly handle a major international crisis, with only 35% being confident about his diplomatic abilities. Still, an overwhelming majority of Republicans (75%) think he has the necessary skills to solve an international crisis, while 32% of Democrats think he has not. A whopping 92% of Democrats said they were uneasy with the current administration’s approach to international crises.

While the President’s job approval rating stands at a record-low for a freshly elected president (44%), Vice President Mike Pence fares better. Around 55% of respondents said they approve of Pence’s actions, with just 35% who disapprove.

When it comes to the recent White House scandals, 51% of Americans said they are worried about Russia’s connections with Trump’s aides, with just 38% saying that they were more concerned about the U.S. intelligence community’s leaks to the press.

Around 80% of Democrats say that the improper communications between the two governments are a more reason for concern than the leaks, while 70% of Republicans believe the opposite.

Around 57% of respondents said the leaks are a good thing because the public can learn from the media information that would be otherwise kept secret by the administration. However, 37% of respondents think the intelligence leaks to the press represent a national security issue. Around seven in ten Democrats think the leaks are harmless, while six in ten Republicans don’t think so.

Nonetheless, 70% of Americans think it should be Congress’ job to probe both the alleged Russian connections and the controversial leaks.

When it comes to the U.S. relationship with Russia, 43% of Americans are displeased with the current state of affairs, while 44% think Trump’s approach is correct. Eighty percent of Republicans, on the other hand, approve the current approach, while 75% of Democrats think the current administration is too friendly toward Moscow.

In addition, 62% of Americans think Obama-era sanctions against the Russian spies on U.S. soil should remain in place. Just 25% of Americans think the sanctions should be gone.

CBS poll on the Sanctions against Russia

A majority of Americans (53%) still believe Russia remains unfriendly to the U.S.A. Of these, a quarter see Russia as an enemy. Two years ago, 62% of Republicans saw Russia as unfriendly, while this year just 43% do. By contrast, more Democrats see Russia as a foe or unfriendly (67%) than they did two years ago (52%).

Image Source: Wikimedia