Trump Gives Ivanka West Wing Office, Gets Shocking Access


Even though she is not technically a government official, President Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka will be working from a West Wing office and be granted a security clearance to classified documents, the first daughter’s ethics lawyer Jamie Gorelick recently said.

Ever since Trump’s inauguration, Ivanka has been assisting her father at the White House where her husband Jared Kushner is a senior counselor to the president. The president’s daughter attended Trump’s recent meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss vocational training.

Ivanka to Follow Federal-Workforce Rules

Gorelick added that the businesswoman won’t receive an official position, but she’ll have her own office at the White House, be able to access government communications, and have access to classified data. The attorney said his client would follow all the ethics standards that apply to government employees.

Gorelick said Ivanka would rather adopt a “conservative approach” and abide by the ethics rules as government employees do even though she is not officially one. The lawyer helped Trump’s son-in-law with the legal issues concerning his appointment as the senior adviser in Trump’s team.

Ivanka’s lawyer said that the White House Counsel’s Office approved that approach.

Critics, however, are concerned Ivanka’s new role might further increase her influence in the White House. In February, Trump praised her for being a ‘great person’ who is always “pushing me to do the right thing.” It is the first time a member of the First Family has such a considerable influence over the president.

A person familiar with the matter, who agreed to discuss on the condition of anonymity, said Ivanka is confident she could offer her father an independent perspective on many issues as she is not a government official.

Trump to Get Counsel from His Daughter

Ivanka was involved in her father’s campaign as a surrogate, and after Trump was elected, her family moved to Washington. She also said she wanted to work with her father on a series of issues affecting women such as child care and maternity leave.

I will continue to offer my father my candid advice and counsel, as I have for my entire life,

Ivanka said in an interview.

Even though federal laws bar the president’s relatives from holding positions in his Cabinet, the Justice Department said Trump has a “special hiring authority” which enabled him to appoint his son-in-law to the West Wing staff. DOJ also said that the president is free to get advice from family members even though they are just private citizens, like Ivanka.

In return, Ivanka pledged to distance herself from her clothing and jewelry brand and from her dad’s Trump Organization. She gave her executive role at the Ivanka Trump Marks LLC to other people, but she will still be informed of her company’ status and be able to oppose new deals if they are unethical.

However, legal experts noted that Ivanka will effectively hold the role of a White House employee. So, she will also have to play by the rules applied to White House staffers, which will not negatively affect her unless she stays directly involved in her business.

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