Trump Goes Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs in Morning Twitter Tirade

Presidential candidate Donald Trump

Trump is known for his Twitter rants, but this one may take the cake. Tweeted out 10 minutes apart it’s obvious he was getting his tweets fact-checked before he posted them. He seems to love to bash on former President Obama for not doing enough to stop the Russia investigation and also takes a shot at Hillary Clinton.

But Trump, YOU said that the Russian meddling wasn’t real, it was “fake news,” so why are you angry at President Obama for nothing doing something about a non-existent hack? Why would President Obama do something about something that isn’t real? Hmm…what is it we’re not being told? A day before you even called Bernie Sanders “crazy” but then said it wasn’t fair to him that “Hillary colluded with the Democratic party.” So do you like the guy or not? Keep on tweeting Trump; we love the grave you’re digging for yourself.