The Only Thing Flowing From the XL Pipeline is Lies

Donald Trump

In a recent Ohio rally, President Trump projected that the construction of the controversial XL pipeline would create 48,000 new jobs, a whopping increase from the real estate tycoon’s original projection of 28,000.

Trump Talks about 44k Imaginary Jobs

However, an official report shows that with his latest estimate, Trump was off by more than 44,000 jobs. The State Department report had estimated under the Obama administration that the pipeline would generate 3,900 new jobs for construction workers if the project was completed in one year or 1,950 jobs if the project took two years.

Nevertheless, after the pipeline is built, the project would result in just 35 permanent jobs for maintenance.

Trump uttered the estimate Wednesday afternoon in Cincinnati, Ohio, during an address designed to reassure American workers that the government is still poised to invest in infrastructure. The President’s speech sounded more like a campaign address since he didn’t stop short of demonizing Democrats, praising Ohio, and bragging about his shocking election victory.

Plus, the fact that he exaggerated the economic impact of the Keystone XL Pipeline can only show that something unsettles the president. It may have something to do with the fact that at the same time he was in Cincinnati the National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, interim FBI Director Andrew McCabe, and Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein were testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

A Controversial Pipeline

The Keystone XL pipeline has stirred a lot of controversies since not everyone is convinced that the route starting from Nebraska and leading to the American Gulf Coast where refineries are located is “in the public interest”.

Opponents argue that the excess supply of crude oil globally has forced America to turn into an exporter, which means that carrying expensive tar sands through a pipeline across America does not currently make sense.
Image Source: Flickr