How Will Trump Handle Hurricane Harvey?

hurricane harvey

Hurricane Harvey is expected to make landfall today and it’s going to be a major test for Trump. Harvey has now developed overnight into a Category 3 hurricane from a tropical storm. The hurricane will present a new challenge for the Trump administration and he better respond accordingly. Trump has yet to deal with a natural disaster. In a twitter flurry of tweets yesterday Matt Drudge said the incoming hurricane will present a serious challenge for Trump and his administration.

“TX coast big winds. Slow moving landfall, biblical rains to urban Houston. Giant test for Trump admin and new govt efficiency,” Drudge added in a follow-up, asking: “Is he ready?”

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump has been receiving briefings on Harvey’s development and “stands ready to provide resources as needed.” As always, puffing up his ego, Trump tweeted out a video showing him meeting with FEMA and encouraged Americans in the hurricane’s path to plan ahead. Harvey is the first hurricane of it’s size to make landfall since 2005, and that was Katrina. For all of our followers in Harvey’s path, stay safe.