Trump Hangs THIS in his Office to Remind Everyone Who’s in Charge

2016 Presidential election results

Trump just hung his favorite map in his office – the 2016 Presidential Election Results – to remind everyone that he is the United States’ elected president. A reporter from One America spotted a Trump staffer carrying the framed map through the West Wing halls.

Map Was Heading to an Undisclosed Location in the West Wing

The reporter snapped a picture of the map and posted it on Twitter. The staff member was likely looking for the best spot to hand the map. It is unclear where the map is now, but it should be “somewhere in the West Wing,” journalist Trey Yingst tweeted.

The reactions on Twitter were quick to appear. Some pointed out that the map isn’t accurate as it doesn’t display the popular vote results. Nevertheless, the graphic remains one of the president’s favorites.

Last month, he even handed out printed copies of the map to Reuters journalists attending an interview in the Oval Office. At the time he told reporters that the map shows the final election victory numbers. “It’s pretty good, right? The red is obviously us,” the president said.

Trump Is Really Fond of the Map

The administration’s Bureau Chief Philip Rucker who also happens to be a journalist added that Trump told him to ask The Washington Post to place the map on the front page of the edition celebrating his 100th Day in office. Rucker said in an interview that Trump asked him if he wasn’t impressed by the map before encouraging him to show it to his colleagues at the Post. “So I think he cares a lot about the map,” Rucker noted.

However, Trump always rehashes his election victory as if he is concerned the American people are forgetting who put him in the office. On the day after the Tax March which asked him to release his tax returns, he angrily tweeted why protesters would bring up the tax return issue “again” when he did “what was an almost an impossible thing to do for a Republican – easily won the Electoral College!”
Image Source: Twitter