American Nightmare: Trump’s New Immigration Plan Revealed

Trump speaks about the new Perdue-Cotton Proposed Immigration plan August 2nd, 2017.

On Wednesday Trump issued new immigration changes. These changes are extremely biased and don’t represent America as the land of the free and the “American Dream.”

Favors English Speakers

Trump’s new immigrations plan favors immigrants that have green cards, can speak English, and financially support their families. He also said that these applicants will not ever be able to be on welfare when they come into the country. The American disgrace said, “It has not been fair to our people, to our citizens, to our workers,” and specifically cited low-income and minority workers. Looks like he forgot to mention he hates women, African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Latinx folks…basically, anyone who isn’t a white Christian straight male. He calls it a merit-based plan and also said, “Immigration demonstrates our compassion for struggling American families, it put’s America first.” That sentence made no sense whatsoever and completely contradicted itself.

The overarching goal of the bill is to have a system where immigrants can come into the U.S. based on their skills and contributions rather than family connections and pulling a lottery number. So Trump says if you’re not deemed useful to him, forget it you have to stay in your horrible 3rd-world war-ridden country and fear for your life. Well at least we know no one will be immigrating from Russia anytime soon. Trump decided to sign the Russian sanctions bill which has been sitting on his desk for nearly a week and said it’s “significantly flawed.” Which means, it doesn’t give Russia our country under its control.

Met with Skepticism

Immigrating to America is supposed to give people a chance to start a new life. Most who try to come here are getting away from drug cartels, the fear of losing their lives for no reason, war, poverty, famine, things any American doesn’t have to deal with every day. The bill is being met with skepticism from both sides of the major parties and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has already spoken out against the bill. “the bottom line is, to cut immigration by half a million people, legal immigration, doesn’t make much sense,” he said. “We think it’s a non-starter.”

The bill is being called the Perdue-Cotton Proposed Plan and it not only slashed legal immigration in half, it also tightens rules for temporary work visas, restricts family-based visas, and caps the refugee program at only 50,000 a year.