Trump Is Desperate, His Bragging Is Showing Just How Bad Things Are For Him

President Donald Trump

This is the ultimate proof that Trump is desperate as his approval ratings hit rock bottom: he took to Twitter to brag about a right-leaning poll that shows his approval rating sits at a meager 50%.

When you think about it, an approval rating of 50% in a conservative poll that routinely skews the data in Republicans’ favor is very sad news. Half of Americans backing you as a president at any point in your presidency is lame, but bragging about it is even lamer.

Ratings Have Improved

Trump is unknowingly admitting that the ratings have been a lot worse, but the latest poll shows that things have improved. On top of that, if you take into consideration the detail that the poll comes from Rasmussen, a polling company that polls higher for the GOP, the situation is even sadder.

By contrast, Obama’s Gallup approval rating after 100 days in office was at 62%. Gallup’s latest poll shows Trump’s rating at 42%, which is a major improvement from 35% a week ago.

If Trump can brag about a 50% approval rating from a company with a conservative bias less than 100 days in office, this means he is not doing an excellent job. By comparison, his approval ratings sit at 39%, according to Marist, or 43%, according to CBS and Economist/YouGov.

Trump’s approval numbers, however, are now artificially inflated due to a big boost in the stock market and rising consumer and business confidence. When/if the economy will start to tank, his approval ratings will sink below 40% lighting-fast.

However, when that happens, Trump will probably dismiss the ratings as ‘fake news’ designed to undermine him and his administration. The billionaire has often employed the tactics to kill all credibility of the news outlets that do not write positive things about him.

Trump Fares Worse Than Bush

To put the things even more into context, it is worth noting that in his last days in office, George W. Bush’s approval numbers were at 34%. This means that after eight years, Bush was 7 points lower than Trump is in his first 100 days.

When Bush left, the U.S. economy was hemorrhaging hundreds of thousands of jobs on a monthly basis, America was engaged in a couple of very unpopular wars, Bush’s hurricane management skills left many Americans disgruntled, the automotive industry was nearing collapse and so was the banking sector. Plus, the United States was undergoing the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression (1929-1939).

Still, Trump’s approval ratings are nearly as bad as Bush’s with none of these things currently happening.

Experts note that a U.S. president’s first 100 days have higher-than-usual approval ratings. This is why the period is called the “honeymoon phase.” And if Trump has to brag about a 50% approval rating in his honeymoon period, a number taken from a biased poll, it means he and his administration are undoubtedly heading for a disaster.

Meanwhile, Trump resorts to diversionary tactics to steer the public’s attention from the real issues. These tactics include a war with the media, bragging about winning the November election, accusing the former administration of imaginary crimes, and pouring bombs on foreign countries.
Image Source: Inquisitr