Trump on Jill Stein’s Recount Efforts : Just a ‘Scam to Raise Money’

Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party in 2016

President-elect Donald Trump tweeted over the weekend that Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein’s efforts for a vote recount in three states are just a “scam to raise money.” On Monday, Stein reassured supporters that “every dollar” would be use for the recount.

She also advised Trump to check the facts instead of making up the facts. Reportedly, Stein’s camp raised so far $7.2 million. Her website states that the final goal is $9.5 million.

Her team sued Pennsylvania authorities in federal court for refusing to approve a statewide recount. In Michigan, a federal judge ordered a recount and workers are currently working on it. Wisconsin election officials are involved in a recount that entered the second week.

Experts, however, don’t think the recounts can make any difference. All three states voted for Trump, which was extremely shocking to Hillary Clinton’s camp as the states cast a blue vote in previous elections.

On Sunday, the billionaire criticized Stein on Twitter. He said that her efforts are doomed to fail.

On Monday, Stein told reporters that every dollar is going to the cause.

“We urge Donald Trump to look at the facts, not to make up the facts,”

she said.

She explained that the recounts’ purpose is not to change the election’s outcome but to raise concerns about the integrity of the voting process in the three ‘Rust Belt ‘ states. Trump’s team tried to stop Stein by filing lawsuits.

Stein also assured her rival not to be afraid of the recounts. She urged him to end the “bureaucratic obstruction” if he truly believed in democracy. In addition, she noted that there was nothing to be afraid of if he believed in the integrity of his own win. So, he should “put down his arms” if that is the case.

Stein added that in Pennsylvania, for instance, there is no paper trail. So, hackers can easily alter the election results while flying under the radar.

In the meantime, a group of Trump supporters rallied against Stein for appearing outside Trump Tower with her supporters. Jim MacDonald, 67, who voted for the brash billionaire, called Stein a ‘quack’ and said she and her fans are the ones who don’t believe in democracy.

“He’s their president whether they like it or not,”

the Trump supporter said.

The Green party candidate secured just 1 percent of the popular vote lagging far behind the Republican and Democratic candidates. Clinton defeated Trump in the popular vote but lost the election because he won the Electoral College vote.

The real estate tycoon won 306 electoral votes and will assume office on Jan. 20, 2017. By contrast, Stein secured no electoral votes. Under the federal law, any lawsuits regarding the electoral college must be solved until Dec. 13. The deadline could press the three states to speed up the recount process.

To date, Wisconsin workers found only a few minor human errors. For example, in one county, election officials failed to count 13 votes for Clinton because voters had cast them with non-standard pens.

Image Source: Flickr