Trump Trampled on Common-Sense Rule of Presidential International Trips

Donald Trump in 2015

Trump’s first international trip since taking office was riddled with diplomatic flubs, but his second overseas trip could be even worse. Trump’s first stop was in Poland ahead of the G20 summit.

Trump Has No Regard for This Rule

In Poland, he violated one of the oldest rules of common-sense diplomacy when it comes to presidential trips. There is an unspoken rule that a foreign leader should not bad-mouth his own country on foreign territory. However, the rule does not apply to Trump.

In a joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda, the U.S. leader agreed to reply to only two questions from journalists. The first was a British reporter that asked about North Korea’s 4th of July intercontinental ballistic missile test and Trump’s feud with CNN. The reporter was interested in what the president’s thoughts were on the video showing him body-slamming the personification of the news network.

Trump primarily focused on the CNN question, leaving North Korea for later. He complained about how unfairly the news network treats him, and how badly they are covering him. He also blasted NBC News for being “equally” as bad after making a fortune off of his back with The Apprentice.

In short, Trump attacked the American press on the global stage without a sign of remorse. It is the first time a traveling U.S. president does this in an international forum.

Trump Refuses to Accuse Russia

Trump’s logic states that if he once was a source of revenue for a media company, that media company should be eternally grateful and reward him only with positive coverage. Trump’s comments could instead encourage other countries to suppress their free press.

The second question from an American journalist was from MSNBC. That reporter wanted to know if Trump could say “once and for all” if the Russians meddled with the U.S. elections. Trump’s response was a nonresponse:

Well, I think it was Russia, but it could’ve been other people and other countries. It could have been a lot of people interfered.

Image Source: Flickr