Trump Lashes Out At Media For Exposing His Alleged China Bribe

Trump China

President Donald Trump threw a tantrum on Wednesday morning whining about media reports exposing his decision to sacrifice our national security for his own personal profit.

Earlier this week, Trump took to Twitter to demand the Commerce Department loosen a seven-year ban on Chinese telecom ZTE despite the company being busted for selling U.S. technology to Iran and North Korea and being used by the Chinese government to spy on us.

Trump claims that it’s all just part of a normal trade negotiation that will somehow benefit the American economy. But it turns out that Trump’s ZTE concession could be nothing more than a benefit for himself and his family.

Just days before Trump’s tweet, the Chinese government pledged $500 million for a Trump project in Indonesian which includes a theme park, hotels, and a golf course. Trump then agreed to pursue lifting the ban on ZTE, which would once again give the Chinese company the ability to sell U.S. technology to our enemies.

According to The Washington Post,

“[T]he president appeared to have bypassed many U.S. trade officials. Advisers who favor a hard line on Chinese trade practices appear to have been sidelined, according to reports from Axios. Some observers have also noted that the decision came after reports that Chinese government-linked enterprises will provide $500 million to a project in Indonesia that features Trump-branded developments — that is, a project that will earn the president money.”

China would basically just get a slap on the wrist while Trump personally profits. This is what is known as a bribe, and it violates the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

On Wednesday, Trump attacked the media, specifically the Washington Post and CNN, for covering the story.

However, Trump’s order to the Commerce Department to even consider lifting the ban on ZTE certainly makes it look like he is folding. And it doesn’t help that Trump’s order came not long after China invested hundreds of millions of dollars in a project that Trump will personally profit from.

And it’s likely that ZTE must have been a demand China made.

Why even bring it up if that’s not the case, especially since doing so undermines our national security?

It should also be pointed out once again that Trump has no clue what he’s talking about when it comes to trade deals. The deficit we have with China is because we buy more stuff from China than China buys from us, mostly because many American companies have their products made in China before selling them to American consumers.

America currently has a services surplus with China, and you don’t hear the Chinese complaining about it. Trump is also a hypocrite because he bought steel and other materials from China to build his skyscrapers instead of from American companies, thus adding to our deficit with China himself.

Trading national security to end the trade war Trump started will only make things worse. It sends a message to the rest of the world that Trump can be outwitted and then bought. This is not the kind of “leadership” America needs.

Featured Image By The White House via Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain.



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