Trump Lashes Out at Special Counsel During Rally

Donald Trump wearing a MAGA hat

Special Counsel Robert Mueller recently impaneled a Grand Jury in Washington to help him escalate the DOJ’s investigation into Trump’s associates. However, the news along with the leak of a transcript of one of his phone conversation with Mexico’s and Australia’s leaders irked Trump.

Trump Complains about the Grand Jury

This time he did not take to Twitter to vent his frustration, but he went back on the campaign trail to whine about the developments in front of scores of faithful fans. During a campaign-style rally Thursday night Trump delivered a speech in which he criticized the Grand Jury.

He did not do it directly, but he offered quite a number of hints that he was dead upset about it. He noted that “they” – probably his political rivals – try to cheat Americans out of the future they want and the leadership they wish with a “fake story that is demeaning to all of us.”

It is worth noting that Trump doesn’t mention who those “they” are not even once during the speech. It is unclear if “they” refer to liberals, the Russians, the Chinese, or aliens.

Who Are “They”?

He added that “they” can’t beat him at polls. This means that the term doesn’t include Hillary Clinton who defeated him by about 3 million votes. Plus, saying that someone tries to cheat his supporters at something is odd to say since Democrats were the ones to be cheated by the Russians in the 2016 election.

Furthermore, Trump should not complain about “fake news” since the falsehoods about Clinton the Russian propaganda machine spread on social media invented the term. Those activities were clearly against the Constitution, and Mueller’s investigation wants to undo the harm done.

So, using an unnamed enemy called “they” can only frighten his loyal supporters, not the rest of the country that is waiting for a conclusion of Mueller’s probe.
Image Source: Wikimedia