Trump Lashes Out at Federal Judge for Suspending his Travel Ban

Presidential candidate Donald Trump
Photo credit: Michael Vadon/ Flickr
Presidential candidate Donald Trump
Photo credit: Michael Vadon/ Flickr

Just a couple of days after judge James Robart suspended president Donald Trump’s travel ban on refugees from seven Muslim countries, Trump took to Twitter to criticize the judge.

“Just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril,”

the commander-in-chief tweeted Sunday.

He also said Robart would be the sole culprit if the U.S gets attacked by terrorists in the meantime. The comment comes a day after several judges dismissed Trump administration’s emergency appeal to uphold the ban.

Nevertheless, the U.S.A.’ vetting system has deterred Muslim refugees and vistors from entering the country for years. Airlines reported that traffic from Muslim countries hasn’t normalized after the president’s executive order.

On Sunday, Vice President defended Trump’s comments by underlining that the president was not questioning Robart’s legitimacy. Pence underscored the president has the right to criticize both Congress and the American justice system.

After saying that the courts are making his administration’s job very difficult, Trump unveiled he had instructed the DHS to perform rigorous background checks on people entering the U.S.

Nine days ago, Trump signed an executive order to bar Muslims from entering the country if they come from Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Libya, and Somalia for up to 120 days. The Syrian ban is indefinite. Trump’s executive actions sparked chaos on the nation’s airport terminals with travelers either being detained or sent back home.

The order also triggered dozens of lawsuits in the nation’s courts and multiple protests. One day after ACLU brought the issue to court, Robart who is a New York federal judge suspended a first provision. A week later, he suspended the entire order until the court will rule on its constitutionality.

On Saturday, the U.S. commander-in-chief attacked the court in a Twitter outburst, calling Robart a “so-called” judge. On Sunday, Mike Pence defended Trump in several interviews.

“The president has every right to criticize the other two branches of government,”

the VP said on NBC.

He added that American people may find it “refreshing” to learn how Trump feels about the issue. However, Trump has attacked other judges over the years. Last year he blasted judge Gonzalo Curiel who forced him to fork out $25 million to compensate people who accused his university of fraud. At the time, the billionaire stated that Curiel was biased just for being a Mexican.

Pence said on CBS that the president wasn’t questioning the NY judge’s legitimacy. He also expressed confidence that the controversial order would outlive the courts’ ban.

The former Indiana governor added that the travel ban was perfectly constitutional and lawful as a Boston judge had ruled. Pence, however, was technically incorrect because the Boston court has yet to decide on the ban’s constitutionality even though it had ruled narrowly in the billionaire’s favor.

Pence also explained that the ban was not a religious test as some of the ban’s opponents suggested. Critics said the ban is discriminatory because it favors religious minorities in predominantly Muslim countries such as persecuted Christians.

The Vice President acknowledged Trump had Christians in mind when he envisioned the order but his actions are motivated by national security concerns.
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