Trump Just Leaked Highly Classified Info to the Russians

President Donald Trump and Russian prime minister Sergey Lavrov

The Washington Post found that our reality TV show president had just compromised one of America’s key sources of intelligence on the Islamic State when he decided to share with two Russian officials “highly classified information” last Wednesday.

Highly Sensitive Intel Passed on to the Russians

On Wednesday, Trump met with the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and prime minister Sergey Lavrov in the Oval Office. Reportedly, Trump relayed highly sensitive information which the U.S. intel community obtained from a partner with whom the country has an intelligence-sharing agreement. Sources told The Post the info was so sensitive that not even U.S. allies or top U.S. government officials had free access to it.

The two Russian officials were invited to the president’s office a day after FBI Director James Comey was sacked. Comey’s abrupt termination was probably on the Russians’ liking as the move will impede an ongoing FBI investigation into the alleged Russian interference with last year’s presidential election in the U.S. However, what Trump shared Wednesday with the two officials may have more far-reaching consequences.

Key Intelligence Partner in Jeopardy

People familiar with the matter said they heard Trump bragging that his aides provide him with “great intel” on a daily basis. To convince the Russians that he was telling the truth he reportedly unveiled a threat to the U.S. that only a key intelligence partner knew about.

The Post declined to give details on the name of the city involved because of the nature of the information. Several U.S. officials urged the news outlet to withhold some parts of the info because, otherwise, it would put at risk critical intelligence operations.

Trump might have retained himself some details of the threat, but sharing the info with Russia is still perilous. Experts are concerned Russian spies could now spot the U.S.’ key intelligence partners just from what they learned from Trump.
Image Source: Twitter