Trump Likely Instructed Son-in-Law to Set Up Backchannel Line with Moscow

Senior adviser to the president Jared Kushner

According to a former CIA analyst, the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner likely did not act alone when he discussed with the Russians to create a secret line of communication the White House and Moscow could have used to address thorny issues in complete secrecy.

It was Probably Trump’s Idea

The former CIA official told the Independent that, in his opinion, the backchannel plan was the work of president Trump. Former CIA security analyst Philip Mudd said in an interview with the CNN that he believes it is very unlikely a White House official and senior adviser to the president acted alone on such a controversial matter. Mudd believes Trump probably came up with the idea and approved the final plan.

The former analyst thinks Trump’s transition team saw the Russians as more trustworthy than the Americans. So, they decided to use a secret line of communication based on Russian equipment to bypass American channels.

Kushner Was Not ‘Lone Wolfing’ on the Plan

Political pundit Chris Cillizza told CNN that he too believes the backchannel for communication was not Trump’s son-in-law’s idea.

I find it hard to believe … that he was lone wolfing it on this — that he developed a plan entirely independent of Donald Trump or Mike Flynn,

Cillizza said.

The analyst couldn’t believe that Kushner would just go by himself and set up channels especially during delicate times such as the transition period.

According to CBS News, Kushner talked about the plan with the then-president elect Trump in a December meeting. The news does not serve Kushner well, despite his father-in-law’s praises and defenses. Trump recently said that he had “total confidence” in the embattled senior adviser and dismissed damning reports as “fake news”. It remains to be seen if the backchannel was Trump’s own making or if the president just approved it.
Image Source: Flickr