Trump Erases Yet Another Obama-era Decision

Trump signing executive order surrounded by staff

It seems like Trump is preparing a program which doesn’t look good. Military equipment will reportedly no longer be limited for police departments. However, the administration has managed to keep this program under wraps until now. One of the reasons for this decision might be the recent controversies regarding the use of powerful weapons and armored vehicles against protesters. According to some documents, the president is going to sign an executive order which will erase an Obama decision. He just loves undoing everything Obama has done, doesn’t he? That directive restricted the military gear which the police were allowed to use.

Undoing an Obama Decision

The documents are claiming that this military equipment will be used by the police to protect citizens. Equipment such as shields, grenade launchers, and firearms will come back into the police’s arsenal. It’s very possible that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will give more detail on this program today during his speech at the Fraternal Order of Police in Nashville.

Law enforcement organizations have been pressuring the president to erase the limit for months. Law enforcement thinks that military gear is needed in order to ensure the safety of their officers. They also state those measures are necessary when it comes to protecting the citizens from any significant dangers.

In 1990 the Pentagon received authorization to equip the police with various military gear in order to help them in the Gulf War. However, many complained that the law enforcement became too militarized and only encouraged fighting with the police. We don’t want to be like North Korea now do we?

Barack Obama signed a decision back in 2015 that would limit military gear for the police due to this issue. An unfortunate event which involved the death of an 18-year old boy during a protest sparked a wave of controversy and forced President Obama to act. Now, it seems like Donald Trump is giving up on that decision and signing an executive order of his own. If only there were a rule you couldn’t undo another president’s order…but that would end up being a catch 22.

Image source: wikimedia



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