Trump Melts Down over Appointment of Special Prosecutor

Presidential candidate Donald Trump

On Wednesday, the Department of Justice unveiled the appointment of a special prosecutor to oversee the probe into the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. After hearing the news, the president quickly lost his composure accusing his political rivals of conducting the “greatest which hunt of a politician” America has ever seen.

In a separate statement, Trump reiterated that a “thorough investigation” would only reveal what America already knew – there were no ties between his campaign aides and a hostile foreign government.

The President’s Latest Tweetstorm

On Thursday, however, the president completely lost it and threw another of his signature Twitter tantrums:

So, Trump accused the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein of leading a witch hunt against him. It is strange that Trump now turns against an official he personally appointed just a couple of months earlier. Trump’s tweets come just a day after he told a crowd of U.S. Coast Guard Academy graduates that “No politician in history … has been treated worse or more unfairly.”

Other Politicians Faced Witch Hunts

Nevertheless, Trump is not the first U.S. politician to face rabid opposition. Let’s mention just Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama. In the second tweet, Trump himself mentioned two politicians that had to deal with witch hunts.

For instance, Hillary Clinton was dogged by the Benghazi and private email scandals for years. Obama was repeatedly accused that he is an illegitimate president since he was not born in the U.S. Ironically, the witch hunt of Obama was led by Trump.

What’s more, Trump’s stance contradicts the White House’s official statement on the appointment of the new special prosecutor. This can only mean that the statement was written by his staffers and that the very last thing Trump wants is a “thorough investigation.”
Image Source: Wikimedia