Trump Minion Childishly Argues That McCain Doesn’t Deserve An Apology


One of President Donald Trump’s biggest supporters is now arguing that Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) is not owed an apology because he didn’t send well wishes to First Lady Melania Trump.

Last week, White House aide Kelly Sadler made an offensive remark about McCain, who has brain cancer, after he called upon his Senate colleagues to reject Gina Haspel’s nomination as CIA Director due to her role in the CIA’s illegal torture program in 2002.

McCain’s opinion “doesn’t matter,” she said, because “he’s dying anyway.”

Americans across the country were outraged, especially McCain’s friends and family. Sadler called McCain’s daughter Meghan and promised to publicly apologize for what she said.

That hasn’t happened yet, and Women for Trump co-chair Amy Kremer said it never will because McCain didn’t send well wishes to Melania after she was admitted to the hospital for kidney surgery this week.

During an interview on CNN, Kremer defended Sadler by claiming that her remark was said in seriousness instead of a bad joke and said that people need to let it go. Kremer said:

“I think the whole thing should be dropped. I don’t think that we should continue on with this.”

However, Kremer did concede that the whole thing “probably” would have gone away had Sadler publicly apologized immediately, but went on to add that even if Sadler apologized it doesn’t mean it would be a sincere apology.

But then Kremer further made an ass of herself by arguing that McCain shouldn’t get an apology for a really ridiculous reason:

“Yesterday when the news broke about Melania, two minutes before I had a breaking news alert about Harry Reid on my phone. Two minutes later the news alert came about Melania being in the hospital. As of this morning right before we went on air, John McCain had tweeted to Harry Reid to get better. Not one tweet to Melania. So the bad blood goes both ways. Don’t pretend that this is only going one way because it’s not.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Former Senator Harry Reid recently underwent life-threatening pancreatic cancer surgery at the age of 78. Given his own cancer diagnosis and his friendship with Reid, of course, John McCain wished him well on Twitter.

And while McCain did not tweet well wishes to Melania, he didn’t make a sick joke about her dying like Sadler did about him. So, Kremer should not pretend that these situations are the same. They’re not, and she owes McCain an apology, too.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot.



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