Trump’s New ‘Real News’ Resembles Dictator Tactics

Lara Trump

In response to the ‘fake news’ media that is ruining his day on a constant basis, Trump launched his own news network he suggestively calls the ‘Real News’ network.

Trump’s Daughter-in-Law Announces the Network

The president apparently wants a venue where he can safely tell his side of the story in a less restrictive format than Twitter, despite the army of reporters from nearly every major news outlet in the world following him around day in and day out.

Last week, Trump announced that if the crooked mainstream media didn’t stop with all the negative coverage of him and his administration, he would launch his own news outlet. On Sunday, Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump solemnly announced the ‘real news’ network:

Want to know what President Trump did this week? Watch here for REAL news!

Trump’s critics, though, are concerned that the new news network could soon morph into an alternative facts show and an instrument of propaganda. Already, Lara Trump’s announcement of the network resembles a segment from a North Korean television broadcast, where the leader of the country is praised at the start of the show, while his enemies – including the free press – are criticized.

Trump’s Accomplishments More Visible on the New Network

Lara Trump also told viewers that they are likely unaware of the president’s accomplishments over the week since the mainstream media is flooded with negative reports aka ‘fake news.’

Among the accomplishments, Lara mentioned her father-in-law donated his presidential salary to education, has record low unemployment rates, a spike in the Dow Jones Index, Pence’s meeting with vets, and Trump’s meeting with law enforcement officials and the ICE.

Lara fails to mention, however, that Trump encouraged the police to continue with its brutality toward suspects, that salary went into his pocket for his kid’s education, or that the White House chief of Staff and Communications Director was shown the door last week.