Michael Moore Calls Trump “a Russian Traitor,” Urges Him to Resign


Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore tweeted the “Russian traitor” Donald Trump should “vacate” the Oval Office by morning in the wake of Flynn scandal. Moore accuses Trump of instructing Gen. Michael Flynn to get in touch with a top Russian official to reassure Moscow that Obama administrations’ election-related sanctions on Russia would go away after he takes office.

On Tuesday, Moore noted that it was noon in Washington D.C. and the president was still “squatting” in his office. “I gave u til this morning to leave,” the filmmaker added. Moore pointed out that Trump has only two options left – either the “easy way” (resignation) or the “hard way” (impeachment).

Moore has been a vocal Trump critic both on and off the campaign trail. He often blasted the New York billionaire for his alleged ties with the Russian government. His latest remarks came just a day after the president’s national security adviser admitted that he had discussed with the Russian ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak, during the transition.

Flynn originally denied having any connections with Russia and misled many White House officials on the issue including the Vice President Mike Pence. Flynn also denied discussing the sanctions during the communications.

I have sincerely apologized to the president and the vice president, and they have accepted my apology,

the embattled general wrote in his resignation letter.

Early on Tuesday morning, the liberal documentary maker accused Trump of personally instructing the general to offer reassurances to Kremlin that the new sanctions on Russia the former president had announced in December would be no longer a reason for concern after the Inauguration Day.

Experts noted that Flynn’s communications with Russia caused a major scandal about the events that happened after the election. For instance, reports surfaced that Flynn contacted Kislyak in December and that they discussed about sanctions. Also, the White House spent a great deal of time dismissing these reports as untrue. In the end, Flynn admitted he misled everyone including Pence and resigned after less than a month in office.

On the other hand, most people overlook what happened before the Election Day. Separate reports suggest Trump’s national security adviser spoke to Kislyak before that day. Kremlin confirmed in the fall that there had been “contact” between Russian officials and Trump’s campaign staffers before Nov. 8.

The reports that led to Flynn’s downfall were published by Washington Post last Friday. Those reports include an official confirmation from the Russian ambassador that the two men had met and discussed before Americans cast their ballots.

The Post wrote that people with “access to intelligence reports” said Flynn and the Russian official “[were] in touch” before the election and communications continued after Trump’s win on Nov. 8. Kislyak confirmed in an interview with the newspaper that he was contacted by Flynn before and after Nov. 8. Yet he didn’t say what the two discussed.

Trump himself often said that there had been no pre-election contacts with Russia. His then-campaign manager Kellyanne Conway replied to a reporter’s question about such contacts with an “absolutely not” and they “never happened,” saying about the possibility that it would “undermine our democracy.”
Image Source: Wikimedia