4 Reasons Why Trump Must Be IMPEACHED…NOW!

Donald Trump

According to Robert Reich, who served as Labor Secretary under Bill Clinton, there are at least four reasons for Trump’s impeachment. Reich noted that a fifth reason was “on it way.” In a recent tweet, the former senior official laid out the four grounds which, in his opinion, should be enough to achieve Trump’s impeachment.

First, Trump failed to “faithfully execute his duties” when he accused his predecessor Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during the presidential election. Trump made the allegations based on a story he read in Breitbart News and produced zero evidence to back it up.

A spokesperson for the former president denied the allegations by saying that Obama hadn’t ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen.

The 22nd United States Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich

Second, Trump is making heaps of money off his Trump International Hotel which has locations all over the world. Under the U.S. Constitution, it is illegal for a government official to receive money or other values from foreign governments. Multiple reports show that the president is purposely sending foreign diplomats to his hotels.

Also, when China will grant him the approval of dozens of trademarks, the billionaire will make even more money from those brands. Chinese authorities have already given Trump preliminary approval to 38 of his brands which include luxury hotels, personal security services, spas, massage parlors and much more.

The third reason for Trump’s impeachment is his infamous travel ban which bars visitors from six Muslim countries from entering the U.S. for up to 120 days. Reich noted the ban is at odds with the 1st Amendment which defends religious freedom.

One more reason for Trump’s impeachment would be his remark that the free press has turned into the “enemy of the people”. His staff carefully selects which news organizations enter the press briefing room and which wait outside.

It has happened last month when veteran reporters from CNN, The New York Times, Politico, LA Times, Buzzfeed, The Guardian, and the BBC were excluded from a press meeting. Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer told those reporters that they could not enter the gaggle because they hadn’t been invited.

The new administration also carefully selects what journalists get to ask some questions, and journalists who provide favorable coverage are the ones to be heard. Reich thinks these actions are a clear violation of the constitutionally granted freedom of the press.

These are the four reasons. The fifth would be treason which is in the making as the president and his close aides are being investigated over their connections to Russia on the campaign trail. There is more and more evidence that Trump campaign got help from Russian operatives during the 2016 presidential election.

Trump’s administration continues to deny those allegations, and so does Trump. But his former national security adviser Michael Flynn stepped down because of his connections with the Russian envoy to the U.S. AG Jeff Sessions has allegedly hidden from Congress his secret meetings with the same Russian official. Plus, Trump himself met the ambassador at the height of his campaign even though he denied doing so.

The question is no longer whether there are grounds to impeach Trump. The practical question is whether there is the political will,

the former labor secretary concluded.

He explained that in a Republican-controlled Congress, it is nearly impossible to pass an impeachment bill against Trump.
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