Trump Silenced Veterans Group on Twitter for Disagreeing with Him


Trump just blocked, a group that represents half a million veterans and their families across 50 states, for disagreeing with him on his travel ban. The move is surprising as the president has often claimed that he holds vets very dearly.

Trump Blocks VoteVets

The president was upset that the 9th Circuit blocked his travel ban, again. He took to Twitter to say that the ban was struck again, and complained that the move comes at a “dangerous time in the history of our country.”

VoteVets’ reaction, however, infuriated Trump. The organization pointed out that the ban violates the U.S. Constitution and, therefore, puts Americans at risk. Moments later, Trump blocked the group.

In a subsequent tweet, VoteVets underlined that Trump might block them on a social media platform, but he can’t silence them:

President Is Not a Fan of Dissent

Experts noted that Trump’s practice of blocking Twitter users that disagree with him is wrong on so many levels. Even outside virtual forums, Trump doesn’t like dissent. For instance, he recently called British Prime Minister Theresa May to tell her that he won’t make it to London because his presence may spark violent protests.

VoteVets pointed out that they were only voicing their dissent, and accused Trump of trying to build an “alternate universe for himself” that at one point may turn into a dystopia for his critics. The veterans’ group added that it is not the first time the president blocks critics on Twitter as he seems interested only in the opinions of his allies.

However, it is not the first time VoteVets irk the president. Before being blocked, they criticized him repeatedly on how he handles the national security, grilled him over emoluments clause issues, and questioned his crusade against the mainstream media.
Image Source: Flickr