Trump Is Still Obsessing Over Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

In a desperate bid to divert public attention from the real issues plaguing his presidency and now his family, Trump vented his frustrations regarding his former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton who stripped him of the popular vote.

Trump Likely Upset over Depressing Poll Numbers

The president took to Twitter to pat himself on the back for some dismal job approval ratings he called “not bad,” and blast the “fake news media” for aiming at his eldest son Don Jr.

With 36% of Americans approving of his job performance, Trump is officially the most unpopular president America has ever seen. However, the president is apparently in denial and bragged that “almost 40% [it] is not bad at this time.” He added that the ABC News/Washington Post poll is the most inaccurate survey around.

Trump also slammed the media for using “highly slanted” reporting and “phony unnamed sources” when writing about him, his family or his job as the U.S. president. The man whose campaign aides are accused of colluding with Russian operatives to help him win accused the country’s press that is “distorting democracy,” in all caps. However, when “unnamed sources” work to his advantage, he doesn’t have a problem with quoting them.

Trump Lashes Out at Clinton

However, the most laughable tweet was his failed attempt to demonize Hillary Clinton. That tweet reminds us of his supporters’ “Lock Her Up” chant which is still a vivid memory. Trump accuses Clinton of two criminal acts she was never convicted for: getting debate questions in advance from a member of the press, and deleting 33,000 work emails stored on her private computer server.

This can only prove that Trump cannot get over Clinton and that he’s still obsessing over her. What’s more, it is not illegal for a candidate to get questions to a debate in advance. Their team already anticipates many of those questions anyway.
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