Trump Takes Credit For Talks Between North And South Korea

North Korea Trump
North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump. Screenshot courtesy of President Trump Letest News via YouTube video

Donald Trump just can’t help himself when it comes to taking credit for anything positive that happens if it is even remotely associated with him.

North Korea officially reached out to South Korea on Wednesday for the first time in two years, and Trump was quick to make it all about himself.

On Thursday morning, Trump took to Twitter as usual and trashed all of the experts so that he could claim to be responsible for talks between the two nations.

This comes after Trump previously credited increased sanctions approved by the United Nations.

And after he once again threatened war by bragging about the size of his non-existent nuclear button.

South Korea, however, took the call from North Korea despite Trump and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley stating that North Korea must get rid of their nuclear weapons first before any talks could take place.

CNN reports:

Before the calls between North and South Korea, Nikki Haley said Pyongyang needed to ban all nuclear weapons as a precondition for any talks.

“We consider this to be a very reckless regime, we don’t think we need a Band-Aid and we don’t think we need to smile and take a picture,” she said. “We think that we need to have them stop nuclear weapons and they need to stop it now.”

So, North Korea still has nukes, no matter how much Trump brags about himself.

Also, analysts believe that the phone call could be “an attempt to drive a wedge between the US and its South Korean ally.”

And South Korea may have been more receptive to Kim Jong-Un’s communication because they are more frightened of Trump’s rhetoric than they are of North Korea.

“The South Korean government, being quite frightened about Washington’s bellicosity, is quite ready to welcome the North Korean initiative, and this might lead to an annoyance in the US,” said Andrei Lankov from Seoul’s Kookmin University.

Indeed, South Korea could cut the United States out of any negotiations entirely out of fear that Trump or any representative he sends could make reckless remarks that sabotage the prospect for peace or result in war.

As we all know, Trump has a habit of opening his mouth when he should keep it shut, like when he threatened to destroy North Korea during a speech to the United Nations, a peacekeeping organization, last year.

Trump has repeatedly escalated the rhetoric, increasing the risk of nuclear war.

He has no right to claim credit for these talks. If anything, he can take credit for possibly driving South Korea into the arms of Kim Jong-Un.

Even China would like to see Trump stop talking. About Trump’s tweet, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said: “We hope that both parties can resume dialogue and build mutual trust as soon as possible instead of trying to be brazen and shout with each other.”

So, perhaps Trump should keep his mouth closed and refrain from posting crap on Twitter that will only hurt these talks. If anyone deserves credit, it’s the South Koreans since they continued calling North Korea twice a day for two years to make contact. And yes, Kim Jong-Un also deserves credit since he gave the order to reach out to South Korea. Donald Trump had nothing to do with it.

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