Trump Says We’ll ‘Be Ok’ During Nuclear Crisis

President Donald Trump at the 2017 CPAC

Trump once criticized the ‘horrendous’ Obama administration for risking to lead the world into World War III. But with his latest threats to North Korea, Trump is actively working towards that goal. In a recent tweet, he bragged that we’d be ok during a nuclear crisis since the country’s nuclear arsenal has just been modernized.

Trump and the U.S. Nuclear Arsenal

The president, though, fails to give Obama credit for much of the improvements made to our nuclear assets. In a recent tweet, he wrote:

It is hard to believe that the entire nuclear arsenal was modernized in just six months. Plus, the Trump administration is very secretive about its directives to the Defense Department regarding the subject. So far, we haven’t seen any legislation or guidance to the Pentagon to carry out that plan.

In short, Trump’s comment is unsupportable. When it comes to Obama, on the other hand, there is plenty of evidence to prove his efforts to modernize the nuclear arsenal. Last October, the media found that the Obama administration planned to invest one trillion dollars in the modernization of our nuclear capabilities in the next few decades. This doesn’t mean that Obama can take full credit for the modernization, but Trump has yet to produce evidence that he took any initiative.

It is not the first time Trump takes full credit for something. For instance, he recently patted himself on the back for the improvements noticed on the stock market. He thinks that investors are more trustful to invest their money now that he is in charge. He hasn’t produced any legislation to improve the stock market, though.

Trump Can Take Full Credit for the Nuclear Crisis

Trump can take full credit for some things he is directly responsible for. The quick deterioration of the environment can be the result of his reckless attitude toward the EPA, while the nuclear crisis the world has been engaged in overnight is due to his words. In 2013, Trump was concerned Obama might start WW3.

Ironically, in 2013, Trump was concerned Obama might start WW3.

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