Trump Throws A Petty Tantrum Because A Father Didn’t Thank Him


Donald Trump had a Twitter meltdown because LiAngelo Ball’s dad refused to thank him.


During his embarrassing Asia trip, Trump visited China and allegedly talked Chinese President Xi Jinping into letting three shoplifting UCLA basketball players out of jail so they could come home to the United States.

Not long after touching down on American soil, he demanded thanks from all three players.

And even after they actually gave him credit, Trump demanded more.

But LiAngelo Ball’s father LaVar Ball wasn’t impressed, and doesn’t believe Trump was much help at all.

Ball told ESPN earlier this week:

“Who? What was he over there for? Don’t tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out.”

Indeed, no president has ever demanded thanks or credit from any American they helped bring home. But Trump did exactly that as if he deserved praise for doing his damn job.

On Sunday, Trump apparently learned of Ball’s remarks and lashed out on Twitter, saying he should have left all three young men in a Chinese prison.

Yeah, Trump is insanely petty and thin-skinned. And Twitter users blasted him for it.

This is not how a president is supposed to behave or react. Trump should just ignored LaVar Ball and focused on something else. You know, like doing his job. Instead, he is throwing a hissy fit because a black man didn’t give him any gratitude. And he made it clear that he would punish these three basketball players by leaving them to rot in jail because of what one of their parents said about him. That takes pettiness to a whole new level.

Featured image by Gage Skidmore Via Flickr/CC-By-SA-2.0.