Trump Taunts Germany Again; This Time on Twitter

Donald Trump

After slamming Germany last week for selling “millions of cars” in the U.S. and scolding it for not paying its “fair share” to NATO’s defense budget, president Trump launched a fresh attack on the European nation Tuesday.

Trump Lashes Out at Germany

In the tweet, Trump reiterated that Germany is one of the NATO members that pay far less than they should to defense, and underlined that the U.S. has a MASSIVE trade deficit with the country.

Even though some accusations hold water, Trump was only able to create even more tensions between Berlin and Washington. Trump’s tweet was a response to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Sunday speech in which she said the U.S. and the U.K. are no longer the reliable allies that Europe used to have.

Shortly after the tweet, a German official had a strong reaction to Trump’s lack of diplomacy. Martin Schulz who leads the Social Democrats in Germany called the U.S. leader the “destroyer of Western values.” Schulz also thinks that Trump is dismantling the peaceful cooperation and mutual respect between the two nations.

German Officials Rattled by Trump’s Comments

Other German politicians reacted to the U.S. president’s remarks. Thomas Opperman who leads the Social Democrats in the German parliament thinks that the president’s latest tweet is a clear proof that Trump sees Germany as a “political opponent”.

The official agrees that the U.S. leader is a threat to the West’s security. Opperman complained about Trump leaking classified info to the Russians and deemed the whole affair a “dangerous situation” that can no longer continue like this.

Germany’s foreign minister said a few days ago that Trump’s foreign policies have “weakened” the West.
Image Source: Flickr