Trump the ‘Dealmaker’ Flip Flops On His Promise of America First

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Saudi Arabia's leader

Last month, Trump was reportedly able to rekindle the relation with Saudi Arabia by sealing a deal that will provide billions of dollars in military sales to the Middle East country, but the deal will help the U.S. gain nothing from it.

In late April, the president met with the Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and ever since, the Trump administration has been working on a deal that bizarrely benefits only the Arabs.

Experts confirmed the renewed friendship between the two countries is excellent but only for the Saudis. Riyadh and Washington have breathed a sigh of relief after the relationship between the two countries became stronger. Under former President Obama, the economic, cultural and military relationship soured after the previous administration asked its Middle East ally to respect human rights in Yemen, reignite diplomatic negotiations with Iran, and rely less on the U.S. for military aid.

Trump Backpedals on Major Campaign Pledge

On the campaign trail, Trump criticized Obama for failing to strike a deal with Saudi Arabia that would benefit the U.S. Obama, however, was more critical of the kingdom than his predecessor George W. Bush, who cozied up to the Saudis despite their critical role in the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Now, Trump too has become unnecessarily lenient with Saudi Arabia, despite being a hardliner during the presidential campaign. The news is upsetting since Trump was apparently leading the negotiations as the Saudis have been eager to scrap Obama’s hard line against them and have been very supportive of Trump’s campaign proposals.

For instance, one expert noted, Trump’s America First approach, aggressive stance on ISIS and Iran, and his refusal to meddle in other nation’s internal affairs were all “music to [the Saudis’] ears.” So, it remains a mystery why the master of the “art of the deal” struck a deal in which America came away empty-handed.
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