Trump Throws Fox News Under the Bus with These Two Tweets

Fox and Friends

Just one hour after Fox and Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade praised the president for showing “additional discipline” in not sending out a single tweet on his alleged intel leak to the Russians, Trump threw the entire new network under the bus with a couple of explanatory tweets:

Trump Contradicts Fox, White House

The two tweets were also at odds with the White House’ official stance on the issue, which dismissed the Washington Post report as a false flag. Trump himself admitted that the story is not entirely false since he leaked some classified information, but he had every right to do it.

However, regardless of Trump’s explanation, the question is not about the legality but the appropriateness of his actions. Leaking information that could benefit a hostile nation such as Russia while alienating allied nations is not the best course of action for a commander in chief.

Shortly after the publication of the WaPo report, Fox News, as expected, jumped to Trump’s defense. An army of Foxies disputed the accuracy of the report and tried to prove Trump was squeaky clean.

Kilmeade and Trump’s ‘Additional Discipline’

Still, the most blatant attempt to absolve the president happened on the president’s favorite talk show Fox and Friends. The co-hosts dismissed any claim that Trump accidentally revealed state secrets to Russia last Wednesday. They even played a tape of Tucker Carlson saying that Trump’s critics see him as the greatest menace to the Western civilization since nuclear weapons.

Moments later, Kilmeade reminded his viewership that Trump didn’t send out a single tweet “last night.”

I thought that shows an additional discipline,

the Fox News host added.

However, about one hour after Kileamde’s comment, the president took to Twitter to show just about everyone Fox was dead wrong in calling him a ‘disciplined’ guy. It is worth noting that even Carlson once conceded that it is a fair assessment to consider Trump as “undisciplined and impulsive.”
Image Source: Raw Story