Trump Has Texas In His Sights…Finally

Trump waving from an airplane door

On Sunday, Trump announced that he is still planning to go to Texas on Tuesday. Oh, he’s actually decided now to see the devastation days after the fact? That’s nice. He reportedly wants to see with his own eyes what is going on in the area, where millions of people have been affected by the recent flooding. Moreover, the disaster is expected to continue, at least for a few more days. However, the president’s decision doesn’t seem to be the wisest.

Trump Wants to Defy Nature Itself

Trump’s ambition to travel to that area even if torrential rain and flooding are still in the forecast might prove to be yet another difficulty for the state officials. The logistical obstacles such a move could raise might put his own safety in danger. There have been numerous debates regarding how Trump is going to handle Hurricane Harvey, and, not wanting to disappoint, Trump went with yet another unwise decision. The difference is that this time, he’s jeopardizing his own life.

The White House has said that the president will most likely not go to the hurricane-affected areas of Texas and that his plans might change depending on the weather. However, another question arises from this statement: if he’s not going to travel to the affected areas, why is he going there anyway?

Trump has been tweeting like crazy those few days. He periodically issued updates on the hurricane’s evolution and praising the efforts of the government. One may even think that this natural phenomenon gave him a burst of presidential energy and inflicted the urge to act upon it. However, under this charade lies a clever plan. One which had the purpose to convince people that he indeed cares for his country.

Moreover, Trump continued by tweeting about the history of the hurricane and how experts are calling it “The biggest one in 500 years!” It was all meant to convince people that the government is handling this enormous natural event extremely well. Overall, we will see if his Texas visit will indeed take place on Tuesday.

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