Trump to U.S. Spies: Russia Never Used Leverage over Me

Presidential candidate Donald Trump

Moscow recently dismissed accusations that the Russian intelligence community cropped a compromising file on Donald Trump as baseless and laughable. Trump joined the chorus, saying the U.S. spies’ report, which contains the revelations, was paid for by his political opponents.

On Wednesday morning, the real estate billionaire took to Twitter to vent his frustration over the “unverified” intelligence report. He tweeted his political rivals paid for the report to “belittle [his] victory” over Hillary Clinton. He even accused the U.S. spies of spreading “fake news.”

The scandal broke when an anonymous counter-intelligence official disclosed Tuesday Russia had been supporting Trump for years. The official also claims the Russians now have compromising material on the businessman-turned-politician that they may use against him.

Kremlin’s Reaction

Kremlin dismissed accusations as groundless after it denied it had sponsored the cyber-attacks against DNC servers and other Democratic officials during the presidential campaign. On Friday, the CIA and other intelligence agencies had briefed Trump on the Russian involvement in the U.S. election. Intelligence officials had said they have proof Russia President Vladimir Putin had a personal stake in the election as he sought to help Trump win.

A state-run Russian TV channel said the intelligence briefing was a poor example of a “kompromat,” a Russian term for compromising material. In Russian politics, kompromat is widely used to discredit political opponents.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov described the report as “pulp fiction” in later statement. Peskov denied the existence of a compromising dossier on the U.S. president-elect or Hillary Clinton, as U.S. spies suggested Friday.

This is an absolute canard, an absolute fabrication, and it’s complete nonsense,

the Russian official said Tuesday.

Reports a ‘Last Shot’ to Discredit Trump

Trump’s landing team has yet to reply to a request for comment. However, from Trump’s Twitter salvo, we learned the billionaire thinks U.S. spies sided with his political rivals.

In the meantime, his senior campaign adviser Kellyanne Conway and incoming chief of staff Reince Preibus confirmed the revelations in the intelligence report were “fake news”. Conway told Seth Meyers that it is rather concerning U.S. intelligence officials go to the press instead of briefing the president-elect first on their findings.

Peskov added Kremlin needed to ridicule the allegations since they were clearly an attempt to sever even more the Russia-U.S. relationships. Russian state media said the reports lacked credibility and were a clear effort from the media and politicians to smear Trump.

Nikolai Kovalyov, who headed the country’s main security service, said the reports are the Obama administration’s last-ditch effort to compromise the winner of the presidential race. Trump agrees the allegations are a last shot to discredit him.

Kovalyov added Russia doesn’t need a compromising dossier because Trump’s rivals have enough compromising material in the U.S.

Another Russian top official Sergei Zheleznyak seemed confident such attempts to ‘discredit’ the president-elect would not succeed and America would stand by its new president. Another official thinks the reports are a veiled attempt to destroy the relationships between the U.S. and Russia. The official noted no one in Russia had thought about starting to collect compromising material on Trump in 2013.
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