Trump Trusts These Guys More Than His Advisers

Sebastian Gorka on Fox and Friends

It is worth noting that Trump quotes his favorite morning talk show Fox & Friends more than he does his closest advisers. The trio of “Curvy Couch” hosts could be now described as the unofficial national security team for the U.S. president.

Trump and Fox’s Relationship

On a single morning, Trump retweeted Fox and Friends five times on a wide variety of topics. Some of the retweets include:

The topics focused on the crisis Trump generated after threatening North Korea with nuclear war, Mexico and the border wall, terrorism in Europe, and Fox’s take on his “fire and fury” threat to Pyongyang.

Since Trump quoted a single source for all the subjects, it could mean that the only news network he can watch and trust is Fox News. In other words, Fox provides him with intelligence data, not his daily briefings. The only other news outlets the president consults are CNN and The New York Times, but only to blast their biased reporting of him.

Trump Trusting Fox News More than Advisers

It is the first time, though, that a U.S. leader has turned a media outlet into an obsession. He often acts as the network’s PR person as he promoted the program on Twitter at least ten times this month.

Moreover, many of the president’s tweets happen shortly after a segment discussing a particular topic on Fox. Let’s not forget that Trump once had a cozy spot on the morning talk show, dubbed “Mondays with Trump.”

The problem is that Fox is steadily gaining more influence over Trump than his team of advisers. What’s more, he gets to listen to them every day (even on vacation) and doesn’t argue with them, and he has a habit of quoting Fox more than he does his trusted advisers.
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