Trump Tweets More Than Paying Attention at G-20 Summit

Donald Trump photo and Twitter logo

We all know Trump will never stop tweeting until Twitter bans him for good. Even then, he could just make another account. But for now, we have to endure his stupidity and damning comments. Here’s a collection of his tweets over the weekend about the Russian meddling, his meeting with Putin, and his usual bashing of ‘fake news,’ President Obama, and Hillary Clinton.


The fact remains Trump she still dissed you first.

Obviously, he’s going to deny it! Why would he out himself?

Shouldn’t you have done that a long time ago?

And again WHY is it Obama’s problem? You benefitted from it so why the hell do you care?

Oh, and like you haven’t done so many illegal things you’re on par with Hitler.

Well yeah, we’d rather have Chelsea for president than you. After all, she has a brain and cares about people. Why did Ivanka even need to hold the seat? You think someone’s going to steal it on you like a game of musical chairs? If you weren’t going to be there, you weren’t going to be there, end of story.