Trump Uses Distraction Tweets To Divert Attention From Trumpcare


Senator Chris Coons (D-Del.) accused Trump of attacking MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ host Mika Brzezinski as a way to divert from the coverage of the healthcare bill. Honestly, he’s not wrong.

Distraction Tactics

Coons told CNN’s ‘New Day’ that Trump’s tweets are just one of his tactics for getting the media coverage off of his administration problems.

Frankly, this is just part of his ongoing tactic of distracting. We’ve got a situation in Capitol Hill where the Senate Republican version of Trumpcare is floundering.

He told the network.

He says the GOP’s inability to pass Trumpcare was the reason for Trump’s attack. Coons says, “They had promised that they’d take a vote this week, they delayed that. They promised they’d have a revised version of it by Friday, they don’t.”

And frankly, I think this was the president once again lashing out at someone in the media, in this particular case in a personally offensive and unacceptable way, partly just to distract us. So, we are spending this morning talking about the president’s tweets, and about an interpersonal fight between him and someone whom I respect, rather than talking about the impact on Americans, in my case on Delawareans, of the healthcare bill.

The Senate GOP is scrambling to save their healthcare plan since nine senators have announced their opposition to it. On Tuesday the Senate Republicans decided to delay voting on Trumpcare until after the July 4th recess after realizing they’re close to failure. So we know everytime Trump tweets, he’s trying to take our attention elsewhere.