Trump Is Using Irma to Push His Agenda

Presidential candidate Donald Trump

As Hurricane Irma made landfall over Florida this weekend, Donald Trump announced that he would be pushing his agenda for tax reform with new urgency. Yes – as a superstorm made landfall over the state of Florida, our President was not focused on emergency response, reconstruction, or even dwelling on the threat of a shifting climate that is making these storms more frequent and monstrous in size. Donald Trump and his cabinet sat at Camp David, focusing on none other than cutting the corporate tax rate down to 15%.

Maybe for some of you, this news hearkens back to a book written by environmental journalist and author Naomi Klein, called the Shock Doctrine. If so, you would be correct. In her latest piece for The Intercept, Klein argues that Trump’s response – pushing through tax cuts in the midst of a natural disaster – makes it perfectly clear what drives climate change denial. She argues that when climate change deniers say that the science is wrong, what they are refusing to accept is a shift in their economic worldview. If the science is true, rampant capitalism and our unfettered free market system have to go. Corporations like Exxon Mobile, as Klein mentions, will have to be held accountable and regulated heavily.

Think of it as an addiction. Humanity is reaching the point of no return – do we get clean and impose limits that will regulate the flow of toxic carbon into our air and prevent catastrophic warming?

Or will we run ourselves into the ground, pushing monetary gain to the point of self-destruction? Will we push the Earth over the edge? The actions of those in Trump’s cabinet are criminal. Let’s talk about Scott Pruit. Let’s talk about the host of other regulatory rollbacks that have been mandated since Trump took office in January.

As long as this administration is in office and we keep electing those who have no investment in the progress of humanity (unless that progress is more and more money in the pocket), there seems to be no turning back.

We have to commit to speaking up; we have to go outside and protest. Don’t let the shockwaves wear you out. Those in the White House have malicious intentions, and we have approached the point where we cannot afford to let it slide any longer.



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