Trump’s Excessive Expectations Just Hit Visas Hard

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President Trump voiced support for a bill that would raise the visa bar so high that it will make it impossible for most of the poor and/or uneducated to immigrate to the United States. Two Republican congressmen are pushing for the “Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act,” aka the RAISE Act, which will allow only wealthy or highly educated immigrants in the U.S.

Ironically, the new ridiculous standards would prevent the vast majority of Trump supporters to immigrate to the U.S.

Most Americans Unworthy to Immigrate to the U.S.

Under the bill that Trump endorsed last week, the rich and educated, especially Olympians and Nobel Prize winners, could get priority in attaining a visa. The new visa system would assess the worthiness of visa applicants by using points.

The more score you have, the higher the chances to be allowed to immigrate. Applicants will require 30 or more points to be able to apply for a visa. However, the average American can’t reach 30 points, and it includes most of Trump’s base.

For instance, ten points are awarded if you’re aged 26 to 30, but as you get farther from that age range there are fewer points, with over 50 getting zero points.  A degree or in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics gives you 10 points, while a high school diploma equals just one point. What’s more, if your salary offer in the U.S. is less than $77,900, you get zero points. What job pays that amount of money because I’m in the wrong profession then.

Nobel Prize Winners, Rich Investors Are Welcome

If you happen to have a Nobel Prize, you’ll get 25 points and nearly instant admission. An Olympic medal is worth 15 points. And the icing on the cake: if you plan to invest more than $1.35 million in a U.S. business, you will get between 6 and 12 points, depending on the investment.

The new standards include English-speaking fluency, a job offer in the U.S., and age. Plus, Olympians must have won their medals in the past eight years.

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