Trump Calls Out The SIC To Investigate on Twitter

President Donald Trump

As usual, the only way our current President can speak is through his 140 character Tweets on Twitter. Since his presidency, he has called out the media for being “fake news” if it doesn’t agree with him or his agenda. In a tweet-storm, on Thursday morning Trump has now called out the Senate Intelligence Committee to investigate the “fake news” and stop it from happening. After a statement by Rex Tillerson Wednesday afternoon, he insists that he never thought about resigning VP Pence did not have to calm him down, and never confirmed or denied that he called Trump a moron at a July 20th meeting at the Pentagon.

Well, Trump, the Senate Intelligence Committee has bigger fish to fry, mainly you, since the Russian investigation is a lot more important than your whining. We have gun control to reform after the recent Las Vegas shooting, we have a border wall that needs to be stopped, hurricane relief in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico that needs handling, and healthcare and abortion rights to worry about before your “fake news” problem. The only “fake” around here is you.