Trumpcare Revised: Healthcare Bill Has Been Updated

Local Trumpcare critic

The Senate Republicans have issued an updated version of Trumpcare from Thursday. Senate leaders plan to hold a vote on the bill before the July 4th recess.

What’s New?

The healthcare bill now includes a 6-month waiting period for anyone who’s let their coverage lapse for over 63 days and want to get insured again. This change appears to be aimed at deterring people from dropping their insurance to begin with. The new bill also cancels the penalty for being uninsured currently under Obamacare. Four conservative leaders have expressed opposition to the draft saying it doesn’t repeal Obamacare enough. Trump has gone back and forth on certain measures, including one that was narrowly passed by the House last month. At first, he supported the decision and is now calling it “mean.”

The revision also includes a provision to encourage the young and healthy to enroll in healthcare plans.

We will have more updates as the information is available.