Titanic Trump: Approval Rating Sinks On His Favorite Poll

Donald Trump and King of Jordan Abdulah II

While Trump was busy embarrassing America overseas again, his job approval rating hit a new record low back at home. The much-anticipated G20 summit yielded nothing that could be of use to the U.S., while the U.S. president was the only leader to disagree with new climate change policies.

A Disastrous Oversea Trip

Plus, he allowed his eldest daughter Ivanka to do his job at an important G20 session concerning Africa, while he continued to lash out at the U.S. media, Obama, and domestic intelligence agencies even while not at home.

He also broke a decades-old protocol of not bashing one’s own country while he was visiting a foreign country. The only people truly happy with Trump’s performance were the Russians, as Trump agreed with them that the reports on the Russian interference in the U.S. election were “fake.”

His performance, however, pushed his approval ratings even lower. His critics described his behavior overseas as “embarrassing” or “juvenile” as poll numbers of one of Trump’s favorite public opinion research company, Rasmussen Reports, have dropped dramatically.

Rasmussen Numbers Slip to New Low

Rasmussen Reports is a pollster with a consistent right-leaning polling methodology. The firm uses Robo-calls for landlines, and its results are often criticized as inaccurate. The surveys, however, are often used by the GOP to make their point. Trump himself used Rasmussen polls to blast other “biased” polls. A couple of weeks ago, he patted himself on the back over a 50% favorability. The president seemingly forgot that half of the nation disagrees with the job he’s doing.

Rasmussen’s latest poll is not a reason to be proud of for the president, as his favorability slipped to 44%, fringing an all-time low for this poll. The lowest approval rating on Rasmussen was 43%. However, other polls place him even lower. For instance, Gallup has him at just 39% approval.
Image Source: Whitehouse.gov