Trump’s Red Line to McConnell May Cost the Republicans

Donald Trump at the 2011 CPAC

Trump’s recent attacks on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell may have a devastating impact on the GOP’s reelection prospects next year. Republicans could be faced with some hellish primaries if Trump doesn’t call it quits.

Trump’s Furious At McConnell

Trump was outraged when McConnell accused him of having “excessive expectations” about how Congress should work and setting deadlines that can only hurt the GOP agenda.

In response, Trump questioned McConnell’s ability to lead and suggested he might ask for his resignation if McConnell doesn’t speed up the passage of the party’s controversial health care reform plan.

On Thursday, Trump told the press that it was disgraceful of McConnell to fail to repeal Obamacare in a GOP-controlled Senate. The remarks came after two days of furious phone calls and tweets.

McConnell Can’t Lose His Job That Easily

Trump warned Thursday that, if the GOP fails to pass Trumpcare, infrastructure legislation, and the tax reform “soon,” he could ask for McConnell to be replaced. The GOP Senate leader, on the other hand, wants to defuse the tense situation. He hasn’t said a word since Monday.

It is not that easy to replace McConnell since he is strongly backed by his own conference. However, Trump’s public criticism and questioning of his leadership could affect his majority, which could divide campaign donors and needlessly complicate the elections.

GOP strategists claim that the longer this Trump-McConnell feud is going, the worse things will be for the party next year. One pundit noted that the cycle would be already tough because “political winds are in your face when you’re the party in power.” So, it is not wise of Trump to give voters extra reasons to stay at home instead of going out and vote. Or voters could do the right thing and switch parties, #TeamBlue.
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