Washington Post Bombshell: Campaign Chairman Met With Russian Spy During Hack

Paul Manafort and George Stephanopoulos

According to another bombshell report from the Washington Post, Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort met with a Russian spy for dinner at a fancy cigar bar in the Big Apple to discuss the DNC hack. A couple of weeks later Manafort resigned from the campaign.

Timing of the Dinner is Telling

The Post underlined that the timing of the meeting and the resignation is telling. The newspaper didn’t give an exact date for the dinner meeting; the article reads that it happened in August, two weeks before the Trump aide resigned. Manafort stepped down on Aug. 19, which means that he met with Konstantin Kilimnik around August 5.

Earlier this year, Politico found that Kilimnik bragged about persuading the GOP to change their official platform at the RNC in a way that would make their stance on the Russian invasion of Crimea less aggressive. The meeting with Manafort occurred weeks later.

Manafort is now under scrutiny for his shady dealings with the former pro-Russian leadership in Ukraine and the associated financial ties. The dealings surfaced last summer; the pressure was so high that the Trump campaign chairman had to resign.

Who Exactly Is Konstantin Kilimnik?

The Russian operative Manafort met with last August has dual citizenship of Ukraine (where he was born) and Russia (where he was trained). The Russian military trained him as an English language expert, which secured him a job as a translator for a Russian-backed arms company. Kilimnik once reportedly admitted that he was trained by Russian spy agencies.

A pro-European group in Ukraine believed Kilimnik was too cozy with Russia to be Ukrainian. Manafort met him when he was working in Ukraine for the pro-Russian businessman and politician Viktor Yanukovych, whom Ukraine charged with high treason.

In August, the two men talked about “bills unpaid by our clients, about [the] overall situation in Ukraine . . . and about the current news,” according to Kilimnik. Per Politico, a spokesman for Manafort said that the “current news” included the hacking of the DNC.
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