First 100 Days: Trump’s Core Supporters Still in Sheer Denial

Trump supporters

As the 100-Day benchmark is nearing, Trump’s national approval rating stands at a 40% record-low. But this doesn’t represent a reason for a group of Trump core supporters to lose faith in their leader. They think Trump did fine if not great in his first 100 days in office, and anything else that went wrong was probably somebody else’s fault.

Trump’s Die-Hard Fans Think He’s Doing a Great Job

According to a poll focused on Trump’s approval rating among initial voters, the president has a 100% approval rating. Pollsters surveyed 25 of the most rabidly-supportive Trump voters in America.

Deidra Brady, a 48-year-old Trump voter from North Carolina, likes it that the president is not being “pushed around.” Tara Kimble, a 61-year-old Trump backer from Louisiana is confident next generations will remember him as a great president.

He’s doing a better job than anybody has done,

Kimble told USA Today.

These core supporters, however, are not alone. There are many others that stand by Trump despite his dismal approval ratings and poor track record. Experts agree that the phenomenon may signal Trump still has a reliable political base in the U.S.

Many of these supporters think Trump is doing a better job that they expected when they cast their ballot. When asked about the ongoing FBI probe into allegations about a collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives, supporters say the probe is politically motivated and it isn’t worthy of a multi-agency investigation.

When asked what his opinion on the probe was, Ray Keener of Texas replied he did not notice any Russians voting for Trump when he arrived at the polling station on Nov. 8.

This latest survey, conducted by the USA Today, is an unscientific attempt to assess Trump’s popularity among his initial backers. The findings are telling.

They Even Have an Explanation for His Failings

When the Trump supporters were asked to name one big achievement of the Trump administration, half replied the surprise attack on a Syrian airbase earlier this month. These respondents see the strike as a show of force designed to intimidate Syrian government forces.

The group also praised Neil Gorsuch’s nomination as Supreme Court justice as an important step forward. The respondents agreed that Trump’s greatest failure was his inability to undo Obamacare in his first 100 days.

However, they have an excuse for it too. One respondent believes it may not be “100% [the president’s] fault.” Supporters put the blame on either Democrats or the GOP. Kim thinks the Tea Party doesn’t give Trump “a fair chance”. John Moon, a 63-year-old avid Trump supporter from Utah, blames Russia. He said the Russians and the Democratic Party may be working together to prevent Trump from carrying out his ambitious agenda.

On the other hand, some of the president’s strongest supporters are concerned about Trump’s worst enemy, who, according to them, is himself. They think he should keep his mouth shut more and spend less time on the links. Respondents were generally disgruntled with some of their leader’s tweets. “I was disappointed when he tweeted about the surveillance,” one of them told pollsters.
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