DHS Secretary Makes a Disturbing Joke About the Media That Should Concern Us All


While Trump was delivering a commencement speech at the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut, the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Gen. John Kelly was heard saying on a hot mic that Trump should use the ceremonial saber he was holding on the media.

Kelly’s Uninspired Joke

Kelly’s ‘joke’ was far more disturbing than even the president’s continuous whining during the speech that no other politician in the United States’ history “has been treated worse” than him.

If the Trump administration had an average relationship with the press, the DHS Secretary’s awkward attempt at humor would still be considered inappropriate. But since Trump has declared war to the press, such joke coming from the head of the domestic intelligence could only mean that the decision-making forums in Washington are sharing the president’s disturbing views.

Trump blasted the press multiple times on the campaign trail, accusing it of bending the truth to help his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton win the election. In February, he tweeted the U.S. mainstream media which includes CNN, ABC News, CBS, The New York Times, and NBC News should be seen as “the enemy of the people” for spreading “fake news.”

Trump Wants Some Journalists to Be Jailed

Earlier this week, The New York Times reported that Trump once asked ousted FBI Director James Comey to arrest journalists who write damning articles based on information provided by anonymous White House sources.

Comey’s aides said they heard the lawman saying that Trump urged him to jail journalists that leak classified information to the public. At the time, the president was upset about the leakers behind the scandals that have rattled his White House.

In such context, the Trump administration should not even ‘joke’ about killing the media. Such jokes should be taken very seriously by citizens concerned about the future of a free press in our country.
Image Source: Wikimedia