Energy Secretary Doesn’t Believe in Climate Change

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry

Just like the president, Energy Secretary and former Texas Governor Rick Perry doesn’t believe climate change is human-caused. In a recent interview with CNBC, Perry denied the link between greenhouse gas emissions and global warming while patting himself on the back for doing so.

Science is Not ‘Absolutely Settled.’

The host of the CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ asked the head of the Energy Department if carbon dioxide was the “primary control knob” for global warming. Perry replied that the primary control knob is the environment and the ocean waters. He added that the discussion should not be focused on the changes in climate and the man’s effect on it.

Perry also said that the science around climate change is not ‘absolutely settled’ as some people tend to believe. Perry suggested that people who do not believe in human-caused climate change – like himself – should not be seen as “Neanderthals,” the Trump administration official said.

However, at some point, Perry admitted that human activities somehow influence climate shifts, only to question the science behind climate change seconds later. So, he contradicted himself more than once.

Climate Change Skeptics Populating the Trump Administration

On the other hand, Perry is not the only climate skeptic in the Trump administration. The chief of the Environmental Protection Agency, which Trump seeks to dismantle, Scott Pruitt said earlier this year that carbon dioxide was not “the primary contributor to the global warming that we see.” Pruitt admitted the existence of global warming but questioned its cause.

Most scientists agree that CO2 is a contributor, but they haven’t reached a consensus yet on the level of contribution to the rising of sea levels and extreme temperatures.

Perry ended his monolog on CNBC by congratulating every person that is a climate change skeptic for being “a wise, intellectually engaged person.”
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