Trump’s Evangelical Romance Under Scrutiny

Donald Trump speaking

A few months ago, a poll showed 94 percent of GOP evangelicals would vote for Donald Trump. Many of them said they had no choice, and Trump looked like the best option they had. But recently, several evangelicals started to warn their brethren the Republican nominee may be just as bad as his Democratic rival Hillary R. Clinton.

Last month, one evangelical speaker even compared Trump’s promises to Christians to the devil’s offers to Christ. Two millennia ago, Satan asked Christ to bow before him in exchange of power over all kingdoms of the world.

“American Christians should not take a deal Jesus rejected,”

Eric Sapp, chief executive of American Values Network, said.

Evangelicals’ Objections

Evangelicals are divided over whether Trump would be the right man to represent them for several reasons. For once, he was married thrice, his tax records are fuzzy, and he once praised abortion giant Planned Parenthood. However, he did say he would grant PP no taxpayer money unless it closes its abortion business.

Trump also raised some eyebrows among evangelicals when he said he has never asked God for forgiveness. Yet, despite these mishaps most of them were quick to endorse him. And he said he ‘loved’ them.

Analysts were stunned to see how this unlikely love relationship evolved since the primaries. They recall evangelicals had a really hard time in deciding whether Mitt Romney would be fit for the White House four years ago. It is worth noting that Romney is an observant Mormon.

NeverTrump Evangelical Camp Strikes Again

With just 31 days until the Election Day, the #NeverTrump camp has renewed attacks against the candidate. Michael Gerson, who has blasted Trump for a year now, recently called him an “avatar of the Playboy philosophy.”

Gerson advised evangelicals to do some soul searching before casting their ballots. He asked them how they would explain their sons and daughters that Trump is fit to run the nation.

Another vocal conservative, Erick Erickson, noted while Clinton would “damage the U.S. on the long-term, Trump would damage the church. Erickson wrote this in response to a request from evangelical pastors to change his NeverTrump views.

Those pastors reportedly tried to convince him to vote for Trump by saying that God leads countries through sinners as well. In response, Erickson said that whenever he comes across this argument he sees “the sparks of apostasy.”

The conservative editor argued that picking a strong man like Trump over the strongest man who defeated death, i.e. Jesus Christ, represents a “terrible” move.

Evangelicals Helped Trump Rise

Recently, Erickson analyzed evangelicals based on their relationship with Trump. In his view, there are evangelicals who “actively” support Trump, Evangelicals who “begrudgingly” support Trump, and those who oppose Trump.

Erickson and many others believe evangelicals grew to love Trump because of the prosperity gospel, which conservative evangelicals see it as heretical. But other experts believe the entire religious community contributed to Trump’s rise since the numbers of prosperity gospel peddlers are not that high to make a difference.

One expert concluded that Trump got a big boost from the millions of evangelicals who wholeheartedly or ‘begrudgingly’ voted for him.

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